Hakuouki x Animate Cafe (UPDATE)

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Here is the menu of what food, drinks, and deserts they will be selling. The Hakuouki characters look really cute in chibi form. I love the art style. Is anyone going to the cafe?
 <フード・デザート特典>クリアしおり(全3種) <ドリンク特典>コースター(全8種)

These are the items that they will be selling in the Hakuouki cafe. The pins look really adorable. Has anyone played the game or watched the show?

 ◆缶バッジガチャ(全13種)/1回200円(税込) ◆クリアファイル(全1種)/367円(税込) ◆クッキー(全1種)/680円(税込)

They will be selling more Hakuouki items in the cafe but these are just a few items that they are showing. Maybe they don’t want to spoil it to much for the fans? Maybe they are making the fans more excited this way? I don’t know but this is really cool. I know they will be selling more items of Hakuouki since the other cafes that Animate Cafe collaborated with sold other items. Well, I’m just rambling but are you guys excited for Hakuouki x Animate Cafe?I know I am. Thank you for reading!

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FAMILY MART is on development. It seems that FAMILY MART is doing a product development on Hatsune Miku items. I’m not sure when they are coming out since the website hasn’t said anything but I’ll keep you guys posted. Please enjoy the pictures. ^ – ^



The products look really nice in my opinion.

I love Miku’s Nendoroid! (Sorry if I spelled it wrong.)

I would like to try the Miku and Luka Onigiri!


Ha! Miku standing next to herself.

She looks very cute and that Miku face looks tasty!


The food and snacks look good!

I can’t wait for them to come out!

Are you guys excited?!


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DRAMAtical Murder Cafe re:turn

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( The cafe opened on August 10, 2012 )


Hello everyone! I’ll be posting on what they are selling in DRAMAtical Murder Cafe re:turn. Please enjoy and enjoy the pictures! Also, is anyone going? ^ – ^

The drinks all cost 1,000 yen.

  • 【写真】ドリンク「蒼葉」蒼葉

  • 【写真】ドリンク「紅雀」紅雀

  • 【写真】ドリンク「ノイズ」ノイズ

  • 【写真】ドリンク「ミンク」ミンク

  • 【写真】ドリンク「クリア」クリア

  • 【写真】ドリンク「蓮」

  • 【写真】ドリンク「ウイルス」ウイルス

  • 【写真】ドリンク「トリップ」トリップ

  • 【写真】ドリンク「ミズキ」ミズキ

  • 【写真】ドリンク「羽賀」羽賀

  • 【写真】ドリンク「悪ガキ三人組」悪ガキ三人組

  • 【写真】ドリンク「悪島」悪島

  • 【写真】ドリンク「竜峰」竜峰

  • 【写真】ドリンク「東江」東江

  • 【写真】ドリンク「セイ」セイ

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This is what they will be selling. Looks very cute and nice in my opinion

  • [特典・1]ドリンク1杯ご注文につきぷち缶バッジ(20mm/全10種類)を1個プレゼント! 当たりを引くと、さらにどでか缶バッジ(150mm/全5種類)を1個プレゼント!


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Hatsune Miku x Animate Cafe (UPDATE)

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( They were already open since August 1, 2012. Click the link if you want to know what day it will close.)


For more information on what type of food, drinks and desserts they will be selling…Go to the link below:



コラボレーション第7弾 初音ミクWell, this is another update on the Hatsune Miku x Animate Cafe Collaboration. The cafe seems to be popular among Hatsune Miku fans and it looks very nice in my opinion. Just look at the pictures.


店内写真 店内写真

店内写真 店内写真 店内写真


The pictures look nice, right? The cafe looks nice as well. Has anyone been there? Is anyone going? I hope you enjoyed this!  Thank you for reading and watching! ^ – ^


Enjoy the Hatsune Miku picture! Doesn’t she look cute?! >///<


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